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Mies van der Rohe’s monument to the November Revolution in Berlin-Lichtenberg - English/Italian
The monument, built in 1926 by the German Communist Party in the Friedrichsfelde cemetery in Berlin-Lichtenberg, was brutally marked by the rise to power of the National-socialists, which ordered the demolition of the monument in the year 1935. All the post-war attempts to rebuild the monument in some other place, in the West so as in the East, failed. Visiting the place nowadays, you can find the small “monument to the Monument” and a small information panel. But there is no chance to grasp the aspect and the dimensions of the original artifact. Which scenarios can be taken into consideration in order to shape the future of this important historical place?

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author: A. Contursi
format: 20 x 15

stitched paperback binding

pages: 166
66 immages
weight: 350 g

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