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The series "Lectures of architecture" recalls the word "lecture". Each book is a complete essay of architecture dedicated to a single "modern Italian" masterpiece, to its architect and client. Sharp rules, new, clear and unpublished drawings, bilingual text and a very affordable price are the elements of this winning formula. The texts are in Italian and full English, the format is 21x15 cm. The publisher is interested in studies dealing with modern Italian architecture made by worldwide architects/critics. Please contact us at info@ilioseditore.it

The aim of the series "International Architecture" is to investigate a single building from all the points of view. Either  built or unbilt, the will is to study and communicate the architectural process in a totally new way. We do not use the well known and old archive materials but we totally redesign the masterpieces, giving them a "new light" and a new feeling. There are too many projects not built and too many are only known by the old photoes published in the history books. This Series want to refresh them and help the young architects - as the readers in general - to see them as actual icons of the modern architecture. A simple but complete tale and totally unpublished designs (plans, elevations and perspectives) in an hard cover 22x22 cm book, will drive you in a new architectural experience. The first number of the Series is dedicated to the Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin. The second issue deals with the Le Corbusier's hospital in Venice.

The series "Hypothesis" hosts  theoretical unpublished essays written by young authors. Through an accurate process of selection, the scientific commitee examine, select and publish works coming from all the countries, helping the authors by the editing and the distribution in the most important bookshops in Europe. For this reason the text in English faces the Italian text.

The series “Words of Architecture”
selects theoretical essays published and unpublished. The scientific commitée selects international essays by important architects and the Ilios Cultural Association buys the translation rights or, if it is unpublished, promotes its publication. The selection of images is intentionally reduced to keep the reader focused on the words of the international scholars who propose their theories. The first issue in english is an unpublished conference held by the Italian architect Ludovico Quaroni in 1967, where he shares his ideas about the role of the "Architect-Urbanist" in the discipline of the town planning.

The Series "Achitecure Agencies" want to offer the young and small Agencies a new and cheap instrument to share their work.
The doors of the "archistar" world is often closed to the youngest and smartest architects, too poor to find the right way to spread their work. But often the proposals are really interesting and we think that could be interesting to share their job.
The 21x15 cm format of those smart books can be adapted to the graphic instances of each single agency. The first number is dedicated to the job of "T-Studio" in Rome.

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