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The aim of the series "Modern International" is to investigate a single building from all the points of view.
Either built or unbuilt, the target is to study the compositive process in a new and fresh way with no use of old and well known archive documents. Some of the most important projects have never been built and, for this reason, they have been never studied; others, however, have been "killed" by old photo shoots, always the same. Through this series we want to cancel the "old age" image of those buildings, bringing them in the contamporary age by new drawings, new toughts, new ideas. Elegant "total white" design of the books, completely new 2d and 3d drawings, english text and hard covered 22x22 cm. size, make of this series one of the most important events in the international panorama. The first number is dedicated to the Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's "Neue Nationalgalerie" in Berlin, the second issue is dedicated to the Le Corbusier's hospital in Venice

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